Exotic Salts

Fleur De Sel French Sea Salts
Fleur De Sel is harvested in the Guerrande region of France. It is harvested from the very top layer of the famous French salt ponds. The unique shape of the young crystals are formed as they grow downward.

Fumeé De Sel
This is an exquiste product. Delicate Fleur De Sel crystals are
gently smoked with oak wine barrels that have been used for
years to age fine Chardonnay wine. This hand-made salt is one of a kind and has a gentle smoke flavor with a savory hint of wine. Use as a finishing salt on salads, veggies, meat.. Almost any dish.

Sel Gris French Grey Sea Salts
Our Sel Gris Sea Salts are completely natural & unrefined. This product is harvested using traditional Celtic methods. Our French salts are known to be among the best tasting. The fine grain is the perfect upgrade from ordinary table salt.

Salish Alderwood Smoked Sea Salts
These salts are slow smoked for 24 hours over Northwest Alderwood. It starts with "All Natural" Pacific sea salts, which absorbs the full flavour of the smoke. No artificial colouring or flavouring is added.

Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salts
Alaea Sea Salts are the traditional salts used in Hawaii to season and preserve. It contains purified Alae clay which gives this product the mild taste.

Cyprus Flake Sea Salt
This product is known for its unique pyramid shape crystal. It is a new favorite among chefs & weekend gourmets alike. Light & fluffy with the mild taste characteristic of Mediterranean salt. Popular for cooking and baking.This is also commonly used
as a garnish for fish & vegetable dishes.

Murray River Flake Salt
These crystals from the Murray River are a delicate peach color. They have a wonderful mild flavor. The texture is ideal for use as a finishing salt. The crystals melt quickly and evenly making it ideal for cooking and roasting. This product is produced naturally from the underground brines in the Murray Darking Basin. The underground saline waters have been lying dormant
for thousands of years. By utilizing these waters the
enviroment is improved and a beautiful product is made.

Himalayan Pink Mountain Salts
These pure hand mined salts are found naturally deep within the pristine Himalayan mountains. These Jurassic Era mountain salts are 250 million years old.

New Zealand Sea Salts
This product is harvested from the deep clear water of the great southern oceans. There are no chemical additives, or processing aids used in New Zealand Natural Sea Salts.

Pure Ocean Sea Salts
These Atlantic Sea Salts are harvested from the pristine Blue water off the coast of Brazil.

Mediterranean Sea Salt
This product is harvested in the south of France where they have been producing salts since the 1800's. Mediterranean salts are known for their mild flavor and bright white crystals. This all natural sea salt
is a dry white crystal. This product dissolves quickly and crunches satisfyingly between your teeth.

Bolivian Rose Mountain Andes Salts
This product is hand gathered from the pristine Andes mountains in Bolivia. Ancient sea salts deposits were covered with volcanic lava creating these salts.